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Corrosion can be defined as the degradation of a material due to reaction with its environment. It is a spontaneous process. The driving force of corrosion is the tendency of the metals to have lower energy. Corrosion control is a concern whenever water is present in a metalworking fluid. Heat removal is one of the most important functions of a metalworking fluid. Water-based coolants have greater capacity for removing heat than oil. However, water alone in contact with freshly machined metal leads to corrosion.

Why Corrosion Control?

  • Economic Aspects: It can be referred to as cost of corrosion under Direct Loss and Indirect Loss.

  • Health Aspects: Surgical instruments, implants, pacemakers, etc. are all prone to corrosion.

  • Cultural Aspects: Antiques and Monuments may get extinct due to corrosion.

  • Safety Aspects: Machine parts in factories and home appliances can cause harm if corroded.

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